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Diamond, CBN, PCD and PCBN for all industries.

Resin Bond

Resin Bond diamond is recommended for phenolic, polyimide and vitrified bond systems. It's unique fracturing characteristic produces a free cutting action that provides optimal performance when machining nonferrous materials such as tungsten carbide, glass and a variety of ceramics. Resin bond diamond clad with a metallic coating such as Nickel or Copper may provide additional tool life, as the metal coating improves heat dissipation and the improved surface texture enhances particle retention in the bond.


Highest friability resin bond diamond particles with a crystal structure that promotes microfracturing. Effective for high precision grinding applications where surface finish and form  retention are critical factors.


Economy grade semi-blocky resin bond diamond that is slightly more friable than a standard resin bond diamond. RBD-100's increased friability, coupled with its free cutting action, provides solid performance where cost is a key factor.


Standard grade blocky resin bond diamond that requires more force per grain than the RBD-100 to generate new cutting edges. This medium friability crystal demonstrates an ability to self sharpen which produces a free cutting action that is critical in maintaining the balance between tool life and grinding performance.



Premium  grade blocky resin bond diamond that is the least friable in our family of resin bond diamond products. Controlled micro-fracturing produces a free cutting action while requiring more force per grain to generate new cutting edges vs. the RBD-150. The RBD-200 is the optimal crystal for achieving high material removal rates with minimal power consumption and extending tool life.

Nickel Coating

Product Options -
N30 (30% by weight)
N56 (56% by weight)

C50 (50% by weight)

Electroless Coatings are widely used to enhance the mechanical retention of the diamond in resin bond systems. The durable bond between the Nickel or Copper and the crystal provides excellent heat dissipation and increased particle retention in the bond system, thus improving wheel life and workpiece integrity. Standard specifications available.

Copper Coating


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