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Diamond, CBN, PCD and PCBN for all industries.


PCBN is used for the machining of ferrous materials such as, grey cast iron, carbon steels, alloy steels, nickel or cobalt, etc... PCBN Diamond (polycrystalline cubic boron nitride) is second only to diamond in hardness. The hardness allows the ability to machine hardened work pieces. The high thermal conductivity of PCBN allows for an increase in tool life over Carbide Tools. Furthermore, the high chemical stability allows for PCBN to be stable up to 1000° C and no reaction with Fe, Ni, CO etc... Allowing easy grinding and EDM Cutting.

Superabrasive Techniques Ltd has a range of  PCBN products suitable for machining operations for a broad range of  ferrous workpiece materials.

1. Cut pieces - standard and special shapes

2. Rounds up to 57mm diameter.

3. Grades to suit all applications

4. cBN content ranging from 50% to 95%

5. PCBN Layer up to 2.5mm

(2.5mm layer can be supplied for products up to maximum

19.0 mm diameter and height up to a maximum of 20.0mm)

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