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Diamond, CBN, PCD and PCBN for all industries.

Micron Powder


Recommended for carbide, glass and ceramic grinding where surface finish quality is critical. The RBD-MP's ability to microfracture allows the crystal to continuously generate new cutting edges. This, along with consistent shape and controlled particle distributions, make the RBD-MP an excellent choice.



RBD-MPE is an economy grade resin bond micron and provides acceptable surface finish and can meet most application requirements where tight tolerances are not critical.

The RBD-MPE is recommended for stone/gem polishing and precision wire sawing as it provides excellent results.


A blocky shaped, tough diamond with uniform particle distribution and tight overside control, the MBD-MP is a sound choice when surface finish integrity is critical. Recommended for polishing or lapping glass, PCD, ceramics.

Finish grinding carbide steel combinations and chamfer grinding PCD/PCBN.



An enhanced blocky shaped metal bond micron that delivers a tightly controlled size, shape and surface property. The presence of consistent uniform crystals makes the MBD-MPA a superior micron product.

The MBD-MPA provides excellent results for polishing or lapping glass, PCD, ceramics and chamfer grinding PCD/PCBN where surface finish quality is a critical factor.


Micron diamond is used to achieve fine surface finishes. Fine grinding, lapping, honing and polishing are typical examples of operations requiring sub-sieve sized abrasive particles. In order to achieve the dimensional accuracy and surface finish requirements in such cases the particle sizing and distribution must be extremely accurate and consistent.

Diamond micron powders are available in various grades, each with different breakdown characteristics to suit the work piece material.

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