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Diamond, CBN, PCD and PCBN for all industries.

Metal Bond Grinding

Our MBD line of metal bond diamond products are widely used in resin, metal, vitreous and electroplated bond systems. From the more friable MBD100 to the more uniform shape and size control of the MBD300, along with consistent fracturing modes for each respective product make our MBD line of products ideal for a variety of glass, tungsten carbide and PCD/PCBN grinding applications. PCD/PCBN lapping. Resin bond stone polishing tools and dental burrs.


Friable, angular shaped crystal that rapidly regenerates new cutting edges with low grinding forces. The rough surface texture provides increased mechanical retention in most resin bond systems. Recommended for lapping PCD and PCBN, grinding tungsten carbide and high material removal rate applications in resin bond systems.






A semi-blocky shaped crystal that is recommended where the optimal balance of free cutting action and extended tool life is desired.




Uniform, blocky shaped crystal. The MBD200 provides long tool life where high material rates are desired. Recommended for use in electroplated bond systems for glass grinding and dental burrs and hard to grind carbide-steel combinations in resin bond systems.







A medium quality, semi-crystalline blocky shaped crystal with good toughness and thermal stability. Increased friability against the MBD400 and an improved surface texture on the MBD300’s crystal facets produce a free cutting crystal that regenerates new cutting edges with moderate grinding force. Recomended for flat glass beveling, pencil edging, and basic glass and carbide grinding.



A high quality cubo-octahedral diamond that is thermally stable, requires high grinding forces to generate new cutting edges and fractures in a controlled manner. Uniform shape, along with the MBD400 free cutting capability, makes it suitable for core drilling of glass, pencil edging and engraving decorative glass and crystal.


Excellent cubo-octahedral crystal shape, high impact strength and very high thermal stability make the MBD500 suitable for demanding applications where high production rates are desired. Recommended for high performance pencil edging, core drilling of glass and ferrite motor core grinding.


Uniform shaped cubo-octahedral crystals that exhibit very high toughness and exceptional thermal stability along with minimal internal impurities. The MBD600 is an excellent choice for more demanding automotive glass pencil edging and applications where high material removal rates are desired with superior surface finish quality.


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MBD700EP has been designed to closely match the characteristics of natural diamond. Irregularity and sharpness are two key properties of particle shape that contribute to improved bond retention and a free cutting performance.

MBD700EP is suitable for use in metal bond or resin bond grinding applications where natural diamond has been previously used.