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Diamond, CBN, PCD and PCBN for all industries.

Superabrasive Techniques Ltd (SAT) is dedicated to total customer satisfaction  by providing the highest degree of service and technical support and ensuring that our clients receive quality products at competitive prices.

SAT Ltd  has over 45 years international experience in Superabrasives, metal cutting and mining tool industries.   

SAT Ltd also offer a consulting and design service whilst respecting and complying with each individual clients proprietary information.

SAT Ltd operates on a basis of complete trust insuring that client relationship is maintained at the highest level of integrity and honesty from start to finish.

In an effort to help our customers become more cost efficient, we offer with the highest quality, Superabrasive products from the world over. Superabrasive Powders and Products as well as techniques to effectively bond and apply these engineered Superabrasives to your production Grinding, Polishing, Finishing, Honing, Sawing, Cutting, and Dicing applications on Ceramics, Tungsten Carbides, Steel, Super Alloys, and other difficult-to-cut materials. We customize the material to optimise its usability Polycrystalline diamond (PCD), due to its characteristic grain growth, is an extremely strong compact material with arbitrary orientation of the crystal structure.


Suppliers of High Quality Superabrasives